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Why hire a videographer?

Did you know: 50% of all brides don’t consider a wedding videographer as a top 10 priority when planning their wedding. However, an astonishing 79% regret not having a videographer after the wedding day.

A wedding video will help you to relive your wedding whenever you want.  Sadly, memories fade, but a video can keep your memories vibrant and the feeling of your wedding day fresh and poignant.  We strive to capture the feel of your wedding and our highlight videos are great to share with friends and family who couldn’t attend your wedding.  While we would never suggest videography as a substitute for photography, photos fall short in helping you remember the sounds, jokes, toasts, vows, dances of your wedding.

Of course you can have a family member video for you, but often the video will be low in quality and could possibly miss crucial parts of your celebration.  Our job is to let your family sit back and enjoy your day and let you relax because you know we will capture the details of your wedding with style and skill.  Lastly, the wedding day is such a busy day for a couple that it’s sometimes hard to take in all the details of your day.  Our team works hard to capture the moments you might miss from your celebration.

I already booked a photographer, is that a problem?

Absolutely not! We work well with photographers and any other vendor you may have. We are 100% professional and will ensure that both the photographer and 2ND II NONE PRODUCTIONS gets all the footage necessary to provide you with memories of your once in a lifetime experience.

How are you different from others wedding videography companies?

First: Our charisma and charm..(SMILE!) –  one of the biggest differences between 2ND II NONE PRODUCTIONS and other wedding videography companies is we embrace telling your story! Our film degrees drive us to seek out all of the details of your day.  We LOVE when couples write their own vows, write love letters to each other, the officiant says something profound or there are speeches at the reception. We are able to use all the amazing audio from your wedding day to help craft your wedding film.

Second: Editing. Editing. Editing. If you can’t tell we feel editing plays just as important part in your wedding film as the actual filming does. Don’t get it wrong you still need to have the skills to shoot, white balance and compose properly but the ability to craft a story from footage while utilizing the audio from your wedding day is a skill in and of itself.

We don’t just create music videos that you can do on your own. When you hire 2ND II NONE PRODUCTIONS for your wedding you are hiring us to tell your story and to do it in a way no one else can. We carefully craft your wedding film using the perfect shots, the perfect audio clips, and the perfect music track.

Who will do the filming and editing?

Only 2nD II NONE PRODUCTIONS personnel will film your wedding. Many videography companies sub-contract with other businesses to film and edit footage. 2nD II NONE PRODUCTIONS knows that you trust us, not a mysterious 3rd party to capture your special moments.

Will you met with me for a consultation about your services?

Of course, we are happy to meet with any customer who would like to have a consultation with us about our services and what we offer. A meeting at our office allows us to get together and learn more about each other and our couple’s vision.

How do I make sure all the events of the wedding are captured?

The more information you give us about your wedding, the better we can capture it.  We are always keeping our eyes open for great moments to put into your wedding video, but if there are specific events or people, please let us know!  Maybe you have tucked away your grandmother’s handkerchief as your something old, perhaps there’s a surprise fire-dance by the groom, or you are exchanging gifts and notes before the wedding, we want to capture it!  We want you to have the best wedding video possible!

Why do you suggest two cameras during the wedding ceremony?

Our wedding videography style is cinematic and documentary combined.  What this basically means is we are telling the story of your wedding.  To tell the fullest story, we need to capture all of the little details – the groom’s expression as he first sees the bride, the father of the bride tearing up, the flower girl stopping halfway down the aisle to waive at her parents…these can’t be captured with just one camera!  The more cameras we use, the more we can capture of your special day.  It’s also great to have the second camera rolling as a back-up of your memories.

Can I copy my wedding DVD?

With a minimum 4-disc package, You are welcome to copy your DVD!  Share away!  We also encourage you to back-up your DVDs as all DVDs will deteriorate over a long period of time.

What happens if you are sick or unable to make our wedding?

We do our best to make every single wedding, but … it’s always good to plan for the worst.  We have assistants that are capable of filling in and also work closely with another wedding videography company who can also fill in in case of an emergency.  We know we have only one chance to help you capture your wedding and we will be there!

How much should I budget for my wedding videography?

We believe your wedding videographer and photographer are some of the most important vendors you will choose. Your wedding day will only happen once: only video and photos will remain afterwards to help you remember your special moments. Budget the same amount for your videographer that you would for your photographer. Photos and film are equally important.

Why do prices vary so much depending on vendor?

There are many factors that determine price a vendor may charge for your wedding video.  The amount of hours spent on location, number of cameras, video style and editing time required for your finished wedding video are just some of them.

With a package including a highlight video and two camera ceremony coverage, the price is higher than a simple one camera ceremony edit, as there is much more time required in editing.   Once we finish filming your wedding, our work has just begun! We take our time to make sure everything is perfect!

What time do you arrive for each wedding?

We arrive as early as 2 hours before the ceremony for all of our packages.  Special circumstances can always be discussed since every event is different.

How long do you stay at the wedding reception?

Our coverage concludes after the last major event.  Again, special circumstances can always be discussed since every event is different.

What is your style of filming?

Our style of filming is a combination of Documentary, Cinematic and Storytelling. A great addition to any package is a Highlight Of The Day film that’s a few minutes long and edited to show the most important events of the day.

Do you use bright lights?

We want to insure that we provide you with the highest quality wedding video.  Sometimes that means using lights.  The most common use is during the reception.  Many venues on are romantically lit (dark).  We will use lights so that your video doesn’t have noise (little spots of color moving around), so everything is crisp and clean.  We understand that you want romantic lighting, so we only use the lights when needed and turn them off when not required.

Can we control the videographer’s level of interaction?

You can control your videographer’s level of interaction by indicating your desires during the final consultation and in the Videography Planning Form.

Will the bride, groom, and wedding attendants have to pose for the videographer?

No, not at all! We are practically invisible the day of your wedding. We stay out of the way and film the events as they unravel. We encourage everyone to be natural and after the first 5 minutes of shooting, you will forget we are there.

What are some examples of special requests some clients might ask for to be incorporated in their coverage?

Some clients may specify a music selection if they have a particular selection in mind. They may request us to interview certain people for congratulations, advice or best wishes. You may request that we include shots of a loved family member, such as a newborn, or any other loved family members or friends.

Can we order additional copies of our DVD? Can we purchase the raw unedited footage?

Certainly. Additional copies of your DVDs and BluRays can be ordered but your RAW footage of your event coverage is included on BluRay in all of our packages. Please contact your sales representative for pricing and details.

 How long is the finished DVD? What is included on it?

The finished DVDs and BluRays include full coverage of your entire ceremony, reception footage including all of your major events like introductions, toasts, first dance, bouquet/garter toss, parent dances, etc… along with footage of the guests enjoying your celebration.  Looking for more?  Dance party and full day hi-light videos are also great add ons.

How long does the video editing process usually take?

We try our best to have the videos postmarked no more than 8 weeks after your wedding date. In most cases they can arrive prior to deadline.

How do you record audio during the ceremony?

During the ceremony, we use two wireless microphones. One handheld mic is placed on a stand for any readers, and the other wireless microphone is placed on the groom. Both mics are tested for interference with the sound system of the church or DJ’s equipment prior to the ceremony.

How do you record audio during the reception?

We place a handheld microphone on a stand in front of the main dj system speakers to capture all of the live sound from your reception.

How do you protect yourself against memory card failures?

Our cameras record simultaneously to the memory cards inside the cameras and the flash hard drives on the cameras.  The footage is instantly backed up for your protection.  We also take extra steps to switch cards after the ceremony and during the reception several times to avoid any card corruptions.

How do you protect yourself against hard drive failures? 

Hard drives are known to fail and we backup our data on two separate drives immediately after the event.  One is even kept at a remote location so that the media is protected even in the unlikely event that our office burns to the ground.

Does 2ND II NONE PRODUCTIONS travel or do destination weddings?

Of course! We love filming destination weddings. Contact us to customize your destination wedding package.  We also offer coverage of rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and all of special events for your wedding.