Where The Photobooth Meets Social Media

 The Hashtag Cube by 2nd II NONE PRODUCTIONS is the newest trend in today’s era of photobooths at weddings. If you’ve been to a wedding in the last 5 years chances are good you have some great photobooth memories. With a traditional photobooth, the guest is asked to visit an area at the event for a standard photobooth session to create a filmstrip keepsake. Minus the props and poses, all of the images look relatively similar, same backdrop, same setting, same night.

The Hashtag Cube puts the excitement of the photobooth in every guest’s hand for your celebration. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Imagine the possibilities of your photobooth for your special day being everywhere…. All the time…. at the click of a button. The coverage of your event just went from 4 or 5 hours at your reception to INFINITY.

 What if you could not only share those 5 hours of your wedding journey with the guests to maybe include the ceremony too, or the behind the scenes of the day when you first started to get ready, or the rehearsal dinner, or choosing the cake or tuxedos, maybe all the way back to your proposal caught on camera.

“The Power of the Printed Image” and the Hashtag Cube by 2nd II NONE PRODUCTIONS opens up a completely new way to capture, print and share your complete wedding experience.

Unlock The Power Of Social Media

Grab attention and get people talking.  In the social media age the hashtag is one of the most powerful tools around.  Hashtag marketing can be used to promote a specific event, a brand or your entire marketing campaign.

By encouraging guests to post to Instagram & Twitter using your hashtag, it gets people talking about your promotion or event.  This builds your social media footprint, and its amazing how fast things can multiply.  For every post with your hashtag, all of that user’s friends will see your brand.  The social media outreach is exponential and its potential –UNMATCHED.

So what’s the incentive for the guests to use your tag?
The Power Of The Printed Image

Everyone loves grabbing the free prints, but they also love the attention they receive from the images and moments they created.  In less than a minute from the time a photo is tagged and uploaded the hashtag kiosk applies your brand and design and they’re holding their print in-hand and showing off their work!
  Just another great feature of this service – personalized promo items that people want to share with others!

Promote To A Captive Audience

These images are now being collected in one location on your behalf for future promotions and sharing.  Still looking for a bigger impact – maybe add a projection screen or a monitor for a live slideshow for instant gratification.

All of the guests you invited to your event are now your own personal event photographers, media, and paparazzi.  Happy snapping!

So How Does It Work?

Guests use their smartphone to take photos with Instagram or Twitter.  With smart phones these days, people are taking more photos now than ever before!  The camera’s always on!!  Guests can get creative with selfies, portraits, live action shots, detailed shots, the world is an open canvas.  Your holding this photobooth in your hand.


Your personalized tag is the key.  The Hashtag Cube monitors Instagram and Twitter constantly at your event for the new images your guests upload with your custom hashtag collecting them all in one place.

Guests can then stop by the kiosk to view ALL of the images captured on your behalf in the live slideshow or image gallery.  Any image by any guest can be printed of instantly and taken home from your event.  Better yet, the final print is customized with your own personal design to fit seamlessly with your event brand and theme.

Why do you want your hashtag to blow up? The hashtag is your brand or campaign that reaches thousands of people when users upload their posts with your hashtag. Its spreads to all of their followers!

The Hashtag Cube
Inspire People To Engage

The Hashtag Cube by 2ND II NONE PRODUCTIONS is an ultra-portable social media event kiosk.  The machine paired with your own personal hashtag allows our clients the opportunity to crowdsource their event photos.  As images are taken by the guests and tagged with your specific hashtag they are instantly downloaded to the unit.  These personal moments captured from your event are made available for printing, sharing, and displaying LIVE all in one stand alone social media print station.

HashTag Printer

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