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Open-air photobooths are all the rage! Photobooths are one of the most popular event attractions because they’re fun and provide entertainment for everyone – no matter the age! With our Open-Air Photobooths our clients can say goodbye to the old Photobooth style that was bulky, took up a ton of space and was an eye sore in a beautifully decorated room.  

How many people can fit inside the booth?

Our Photobooths can also make group pics possible and easy.  No more cramming inside a “booth” and having to leave people out because they can’t fit more than 3 people.  Our Photobooths can easily do 8+ people in pictures!

How much floor space will the booth take up?

The booth is just 6′ x 8′.


What will you need from us / the venue?

All we need is electricity. We bring everything else including cocktail table, props, attendant and scrapbook!

Is it wheel chair accessible?


Do you need lights?

No, the booth comes equipped with it’s own lighting.

Is it easy to use?

Simply grab a prop, pose and that’s it!  We provide an attendant to operate the Photo Booth all night so you and your guests just have to smile.  We will take care of the rest!


You're in luck! We always bring the quirkiest, wildest, and most charming props for your guests to choose from. We surprise you every single time because we live to entertain and bring out roars of laughter!