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Families & Siblings

What says “Happy Birthday” better than a cake? Cake Smash Sessions are the best way to celebrate the conclusion of your baby’s first year. This 45 minute session is spilt into 2 segments: the fist half of the session is used to capture some awesome portraits and the second half is cake-strava-ganza, where we put the cake down and let your baby go to town. 

A portrait session is perfect for documenting any occasion: Birthday, Holidays, Communions, Families (immediate and extended), Couple Picture. Our portrait sessions provide the right amount of time for your family and little loved ones to get acclimated and comfortable.  Our studio is equipped with a variety of backdrops, props, and flooring options. Sessions can be held in our Plum Studio, or at a location of your choice.

At 2ND II NONE STUDIOS we want you to love every image captured from session. Our formula for success is simple: great photography, amazing locations and personalized sessions tailored to your specific needs. Step away from the “Big Box” shopping mall photo studios and enjoy the comfortable, one-on-one, fun-filled experience you deserve

We strive to have something for everybody and cannot wait to hear more about your idea with a planning consultation.

A pregnant woman is one of the most beautiful transformations the human body undergoes. Capturing that fleeting moment is amazing. The best for maternity pictures is between 6 and 8 months. We want to be able to see the bump in all it’s glory. A lot of women worry about stretch marks, and the weight gain that inevitably comes along while carrying a child. At 2 Studios we listen to the concerns you have and use camera magic to make them disappear. Leaving you with amazing images, you will treasure forever.

Let us make pregnancy an occasion when we appreciate our female bodies.

 ~Merete Leonhardt-Lupa

Graduating is not some little deal –  it’s a huge landmark in life!

Congratulations seniors – you’re almost there! Every high school diploma is the result of a lot of hard work by both parents and graduates. High school graduation is an exciting chapter in the continuing story of your family’s life together. It’s also a moment to celebrate accomplishments, share your memories and look toward the future.

Senior year marks the final chapter in your high school career as you stand on the brink of a new beginning – Follow your dreams the possibilities are endless!

Senior Portraits are a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture an important transition in your life. It’s an opportunity for your true personality to shine, with your hobbies, your style – your legacy!   The number 1 comment from our clients and anyone who has been to our studio is that they love how natural the portraits are. The poses, the smiles and the sets – INDIVIDUALITY – its our differences that make us who we are.

In a digital age where there are so many “photographers” out there, it has never been more important to focus on quality. The arrival of the digital era has tremendously downgraded the true passion and quality for technical lighting, flattering posing, and true photographic skill. Anyone can take your picture, a professional will create a portrait that lasts a lifetime.

Compare our quality! Compare our style! Compare our prices! Compare what we have to offer you! Our value is exceptional.

There is something so miraculous about each and every tiny new baby, and we love being able to snuggle these little ones and capture who they are before they change…almost in the blink of an eye.  We truly love what we do, and hope that shows in our work!

From their tiny fingers and toes to their tender little lips – these are the sweet details we preserve through our unique newborn portraits.

What helps us set the standard in newborn photography is our ability to delicately and artistically capture the very essence of a newborn baby. Our patience and experience in posing freshly-born babies, as well as our focus on baby’s safety, is what sets us apart from other photographers

Newborn sessions are the most delicate session. We take extra time and care when dealing with your new baby. The studio becomes a very cozy 80 degrees to keep baby warm and sleepy.  Our newborn session typically lasts between two and three hours: we allot time for feeding and comforting.

To ensure baby is still sleepy and easily posable, we plan to take newborn photographs before the newborn turns 2 weeks.  Scheduling your newborn session within the first 5-14 days of your baby’s life is the key to achieving images that capture that womb-like curl that disappears so quickly.  Newborn sessions can still be captured up to 6 weeks of age.

Expectant mothers are encouraged to contact the photo studio during their first or second trimester to help us plan an approximated shoot date for your baby’s arrival.










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