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What is uplighting?

Uplighting is a type of lighting design used to embellish any space for a wedding, party or dance. It will magically transform your event center, hotel conference room, ballroom, tent, or outdoor party space. Uplighting employs specially designed light fixtures that are focused to shine upward. They can highlight certain architectural features in a room such as columns or window bays, or they can be used to entirely "wash" a room in a desired color, creating a particular feeling, ambiance or mood.

What colors are available?

Your choice of colors is almost infinite. We offer a range of popular preset colors and we also can mix red, green, white, amber and blue in varying proportions and intensities to create just the hue you want. Some of the most effective colors for wedding and event uplighting include pink/fuscia, red, purple, blue, teal/turquoise, green, yellow, orange/amber, and white.

One color or more?

We find that the most elegant uplighting effects can often be produced by washing walls and ceilings with varying shades of just one color. The desired effect is achieved by lighting technicians who know how to position and space the uplights while varying the lighting intensities to achieve that perfect velvety color.

But what if we have two or three wedding colors?

No problem. In fact, we can often obtain striking results by alternating complementary colors around a room, or by choosing one color for the room and a different shade or color to highlight the headtable or other areas like the cake table, grand entrance door, etc. You can light up your ballroom in your exact wedding colors. Corporate events can use our lighting to display the colors used in their company logo.

Can the color design be changed during the reception?

Yes! You could, for example, have amber lighting during dinner and then switch to a different color when your DJ starts up. By changing color regime we can change the ambiance as the night progresses. All of our uplights are remote controlled so we can change colors during the night or even have them all blink in unison with the music when it’s time for dancing!

How many uplights will you use for my wedding?

We might need 20 . . . or perhaps 50! It all depends on the look you are trying to achieve.  Whether it’s just lighting the head table and corners or it’s washing the whole room, we can give you the look you are looking for!

Why don't you use conventional lights?

Conventional "par can" lights have lit up theaters and venues for years but they come with lots of disadvantages, from high energy consumption and safety concerns to aesthetics.  They draw a lot of power and can blow fuses. They run very hot and can burn guests -- especially the littlest ones -- who come into contact with them. Even the wired LED lights often rented out by DJs create a tangle of ugly wires and gaffer tape as they need to be "daisy-chained" around the perimeter of your ballroom. Conventional lights are also bulky and can negate the objectives of your wedding decor and design. Why use ugly lights to create beautiful lighting?

What are the advantages of wireless LED lights?

The advantages of wireless LED lighting are numerous in terms of technical issues, safety, energy consumption and aesthetics. Wireless lighting allows us to position our lights wherever they'll be most effective, without having to worry about complex electrical wiring and power logistics. With wireless lighting there are no potentially dangerous wires, power strips or tape-covered cables for your guests to trip over. LEDs are also safer because they are cool to the touch so you don’t have to worry about anyone burning themselves on the light by accident. Finally, our wireless lights are good for the environment. They run on long-life rechargeable batteries. They draw no power from your venue -- so no risk of blowing a fuse -- and the power consumed in recharging is a tiny fraction of the power burned in conventional lighting.

Can I count on the battery lights lasting throughout my event?

Yes, our lights last up to 12 hours -- more than double the longest weddings!