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2nd II None Productions, April 22 2020

The Sunset Room in Elizabeth | Pittsburgh Wedding Venues

The Sunset Room Elizabeth PA - Pittsburgh Wedding Venues

The Sunset Room in Elizabeth is a tucked away treasure in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. Hidden inside a sports complex is a beautiful well lit wedding space with tons of cool features. Voted Best Wedding Venue 2019 by Pittsburgh Magazine - The Sunset Room provides resources for all inclusive weddings - covering you from getting ready to the last song. The staff at the Sunset Room is very accommodating and friendly, we’ve never heard anything but positive feedback from our past couples.

The Sunset Room is so beautiful your breath will be taken away as soon as you enter the space. First you will notice a super cool bubble wall that changes colors. This is typically where the seating cards, pictures, card boxes and at the end of the evening any favors go. Once you make it past the foyer the next cool thing to note is the super cool lighting fixtures they have in the ceiling, there are 2 installations of drop Edison bulb style lighting, one is over the dance floor and one is over the entrance way. The dance floor is black and has a little reflective property in it. Behind the head table is an elegant sheer curtain wall with flowers, twinkle lights and uplighting. I love the art they have on the walls and if you look there are little trinkets of awesomeness hidden on the cookie table, inside the bar and pretty much anywhere you look.

The coolest part of the Sunset Room is the SUNSET (obviously, right?). The floor to ceiling wall to wall row of windows that gets opened right as the sun makes its way down to let in all the gorgeous orange glow fill up the room. The wall of windows has 2 doors leading out to a beautiful terrace where guest can enjoy a nice breath of fresh air without having to go too far. 

The newest edition to The Sunset Room is the Sunset Vista Garden. This beautiful outdoor ceremony space is so perfect for the couple wanting an outside ceremony. They really put a lot of work into this space and it shows. It is a perfect place to take all your photos and even come back out for your golden hour sunset photos.

The Sunset Room does have a bridal prep room which includes a keypad for easy entering and comfort to know all your valuables are protected while you are having a carefree day. Not to mention a private bathroom - so if you need to take off your dress to pee this is an amazing feature. Typically this is where the girls get ready, but sometimes the ladies will get ready at a hotel and this is where the guys get ready. If the both are getting ready on location they usually get ready in the daycare down the hall (which always makes for some interesting photos) or in the bar area. 

The Sunset Room has 3 ceremony spaces. The main room on the dance floor - if it rains this is your ceremony backup space. It’s nice because your guests don’t have to move, they sit in their dining seat and watch your ceremony from the comfort of their table. Perfect for an older crowd who doesn’t want to do much moving. The Terrace is beautiful and simple - perfect for the couple having an intimate ceremony who want an outside feel, but don’t want to do much shuffling. The Sunset Vista Garden is the newest ceremony space and my-oh-my is it gorgeous. There is a bridge the bride walks elevated above the crowd, a rock wall for a jaw dropping backdrop for your ceremony which can be decorate with anything your heart could imagine, the ground is covered in a beautiful astroturf giving a pop of green year round and the space is completed with a white fence enabling the guests to forget for a moment that they are in a parking lot.

As with any location where the whole wedding takes place in one location we highly recommend a first look or getting all your bridesmaids and groomsmen photos out of the way first. You have a very limited time after the ceremony before the reception in which to do photos - the more you can get done before the ceremony the more time you will have for you and your spouses photos and your photographers creativity.

There are many locations around the Sunset Room to take photos, thanks to the new Sunset Vista Garden you can take all your photos on site. While the garden itself is great, a couple other places are at the top of the hill near the playground. I like going up there because it gives a nice straight sky backdrop. There are hills and valleys and tall grass all perfect settings for romantic photos - you just have to be ok with walking a little. There's an elevator and an indoor rock wall for creative rainy day photos.

If your ceremony is inside or on the Terrace - The Terrace is a great place to take your family photos, since the staff works quickly to flip the room we try to work fast with family photos so they can get the hors d'oeuvres out for everyone. The Terrace is the perfect place for sunset photos, which you have to do!! Or a night shot if it rains on your day.

The closest park is Round Hill Park. Round Hill Park is nice for its leading tree lined path and white fencing. Butler’s Golf course is also relatively close, we request you ask permission prior to using the grounds. It may seem strange but Jefferson Hills Cemetery is also a wonderful spot for photos. Offering lush vegetation and reflecting ponds, we don’t step on graves nor get headstones in the pictures (unless that’s your thing). 

Cocktail hour is hosted on The Terrace and in the main room. Behind the mirrored wall is the bar, and typically hors d'oeuvres are set on the dance floor.

Receptions at The Sunset Room are amazing. The walls are white, which is nice for uplighting - giving you a rich true to color illumination of the light. The light fixture above the dance floor makes first dance photos very dramatic/ Depending on the time of year the room will be naturally lit until 9 or so. The food at the Sunset Room is very delicious, they offer a variety of choices for you to choose from and a variety of choices in the menu for your guests.

Tips for a great wedding at The Sunset Room:

~ If you are having a ceremony and reception at The Sunset Room and want a ton of photos (or a different location) - do a first look.
~ If you don’t want to do a first look, get all the bridesmaid and groomsmen photos out of the way before the ceremony so you can concentrate on other groupings.
~ Hire 2NDIINONE Productions if you want a killer party & awesome photos
~ The Sunset Room offers so many packages you’re sure to get what you need
~ Take a sunset photo
~ Relax and have fun - Talyn and the crew have you covered

Check out the Sunset Room Website

But don't just take our word for it. Take a virtual tour here thanks to Always Open House and their awesome venue tours.

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