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I love to have fun and joke around.

EVERYONE has a happy, silly, and fun side…. Let me show you!



1825 Golden Mile Hwy, Pittsburgh PA 15239‍‍‍
412.927.0223  office@letusdj.com

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John and his crew were just GREAT!! I WOUILD RECOMMEND THEM ANYDAY ANYTIME..I am hoping to use them again in a few yrs for my granddaughter's 16th birthday or her graduation party. They were very professional,and they were interested in what my new husband and I wanted or needed. He played the music that was requested, he told our story just before our 1st dance and told it just the way we told it to him, John has a great sense of humor and I even danced with him at the reception as he gladly obliged me,lol. Danielle the photography was great too and I know she and her partner got great pictures-the videography was great to and was kind enough to stay a while longer which was greatly appreciated...if you want fun people to assist with your affair you really are doing yourself a disservice if you don't call 2ndIInone- call them today!!‍‍‍



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